Direct Mail:
Direct Mail is an effective advertising method for businesses looking for a better return on their campaign investment.
٠ Direct Mail is targeted and responsive and reaches everywhere in Canada and the US.
٠ Direct Mail does not get deleted. It changes hands, sits on coffee tables, gets seen on desks, gets posted on fridges
٠ 95% of Canadians read their mail the same day it arrives
٠ 79% respond to a mail piece with a coupon incorporated into the mailer
٠ 87% of Canadians likely to read a mail piece that is addressed to them, personally

Classes of Mailing:
٠ Lettermail (Canada) / Letterpost (US and international): Premium communication services (known as First Class).
It is used to send bills, invoices, notices, statements, letters, newsletters, cards, postcards, reports, surveys, receipts, etc.


٠ Addressed Admail (Canada) / Standard mail (US): It is used to introduce your business, offer a discount, announce an event, etc.
With it you can target, personalize and measure; in order to increase your responses and lower your costs (known as bulk mail).
It's sent to specific addresses. You can send flyers, newsletters, brochures, postcards, catalogues.


٠ Publication Mail (Canada) / Periodicals (US): Get your magazine, newspaper or newsletter right into your readers' hands


٠ Unaddressed Admail (Canada): It is used to get potential customers. You can target them by geographic area, demographic
variables such as income, gender, age, and/or household size, lifestyle information such as interests, opinions, spending habits,
and/or activities, and business variables such as number of employees, annual revenue, and/or type of industry.
It's delivered to all addresses in a targeted area.


٠ Parcels: Reliable and timely shipping within Canada, to the USA and to international destinations.

Including high speed inkjet or laser printing, numbering, barcode capabilities, collating, trimming, folding, matching,
inserting, sealing envelopes, labelling, tabbing / clip sealing, glue dotting, poly-bagging, preparing mail according to
Canada Post or USPS regulations, packing kitting and shipping.



Respond quickly and correctly to an order, maintaining customer records, packing, labelling,
mailing or shipping and inventory management and reporting.


Kit Assembly:
Pick and pack for hand assembly promotional items, marketing kits, or custom sale packages; bagging,
packaging and mailing or shipping.


Variable Data Printing:
Personalize addresses and custom messages printed on letters, flyers, postcards, catalogues, and brochures.
Your prospects are more likely to respond to your offer if your mailing is personalized


Data Management:
Merge and purge multiple mailing lists for efficiency. Including data entry, list conversion, address standardization,
address correction and validation, duplicate elimination, NCOA (National Change of Address), presorting, data analysis, segmentation, scanlines, and random pin codes creation.